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Boy meets girl. Boy is a cynic. Girl is just a tad bit strange and not what she seems on the surface... A friendship is born and perhaps a new phase in their lives will begin to move. But this is just a small story within a bigger picture.

Developers(s): MaiMai
Rating: All Ages

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{I, the reviewer, give Phase Shift, 7 out of 10!)


A music box that caused the shedding of tears for no reason. That seemed to be an important object in the story. While the prologue belonged to the girl in the story, Ai Thao, we see through the eyes of Kawamura Kazuhiko, or just Kazuhiko as he prefers. Kazuhiko is a guy who has gone through a lot in life, and now has taken up a "I could care less" attitude. One day, while deciding to skip school, he mets a girl sitting on the stairs of an apartment place. They begin to converse, and more and more he finds the girl pretty interesting (despite never admitting to such), but something about her vagueness about herself is bothersome and he can't understand why.

Phase Shift is an interesting story to say the least. Kazuhiko's narrative was an interesting one, a bit negative, but a lot more interesting than most male protagonists commonly found in visual novels. His character reminded me of a harsher version of Koda from Ripples. But trust me, this story is nothing like Ripples, as the girl, Ai Thao, is very strange and vague, with a background that is just as much as a mystery as herself. The writer said the story was vague on purpose, and promises a sequal which has yet to surface, considering how many years have passed since this game's initial release.

The game is not perfect. I could tell there probably wasn't much proofreading, as some parts were awkward with what felt like missing words, though most of the time you could figure out what was being said, but it can be bothersome at times. There isn't much artwork, just some filtered backgrounds, a couple sprites with a few expressions, and not a single CG. Despite this, though, the story and writing style was interesting enough to have me finish it and hope for its sequal. I've always liked vaguely written stories, as it adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to a story. If A Minute To Midnight, this game's sequal ever gets released, I can fairly say I am interested enough to see what happens and learn more about Ai Thao and see everything come to light.

Sure! If you don't mind its vagueness, it's a pretty interesting, quick read.


Simple, but befitting to the story. It feels just right~

It's not the best art in the world, but it's nothing that'll burn your eyes. Cute and on the childish side.

None, it's Kinetic.



Brief mention of the main character's mother taking up drinking.


Brief mention of main character's father having his arm blown off.

*SPOILER SPOILER* It is very vague, but in brief mention of Thao's background, she appears to have the ability to read people and know things. At the end of the story, it appears she has Kazuhiko forget they ever met.

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