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The Smokestack Coffee Company is polluting the town with bad coffee. Open your own coffee shop and take back the town. Swap coffee beans, milk, sugar and other tasty ingredients to prepare a menu full of tasty blends. Hold on tight for a fully wired rollercoaster ride through seven neighborhoods, each with its own unique cast of 12 characters and 50 challenges. Upgrade your shop, recipes, treats and bonuses. Need a jolt? Load up with caffeine and bolt around with three skill levels.
[Description from Wildtangent Games]

Platform: PC
Developer(s): Anarchy Games
Rating: E

{I, the reviewer, give Coffee Rush, 9 out of 10!}


I never really liked coffee, even when I was able to drink it. It's bitter and gross unless you douse it with sugar, which only makes it the more dangerous. But enough about that, let's talk about this fun little casual game called Coffee Rush. As you can guess by the title, obviously it is about coffee. And let me tell you, it is FUN!

Even a simple game needs a plot, right? Well, this one has it! A man is runninf a terrible coffee shop called Smokestack, where he makes the lowest quality coffee and gains maximum profit. He's already taken over the map, running his competition into the ground (not sure how, if his coffee sucks). That's where you come in, opening a new coffee shop that is quality, and the goal is to run Smokestack out of the city. You begin with a small, humble coffee shop that sells a typical cup of joe, and your usual customers start out as cops and nurses (stereotypes, yes, but come on, it's true!)

Now, this is a game within the Match 3 genre, but of course with its own unique twist. Your "match 3" parts are ingredients for the customer's coffee recipie. You earn tokens while playing, which is used to buy things such as treats to keep your customers patient, and more coffee recipies to make more money. The game gets harder by the day with bigger goals and more kinds of coffee to serve, and you will attract more and more different kinds of customers. You begin with everyday people, like the soccer mom, drill sargent, hippie, body builder, etc.! but then soon attract the rich and famous like a disco legend, gorgeous movie star, an heiress, and even a mobster!

For such a simple game, it is ADDICTING! If you can't get addicted to the real stuff (like me), you'll get addicted to this game, trust me. It's one of the most fun match 3 games I have ever played, and is a nice change from my usual battle gaming. What makes this game so enjoyable is probably the customer's patience meter. When the meter gets lower and lower, they begin to get MAD! Perfect for a game about coffee, right? The voice acting in this game is HILARIOUS! Everyone matches their characters, and although it's not good for your scores, you'll find yourself laughing and smiling throughout the game since it is pretty funny when a customer gets mad, or worse, storms out since they can't stand waiting any longer!

The graphics in this game isn't spectacular, but the art style and simplicity works for what it is. The characters are flatly animated chibi that are often pretty cute in their own way. Gameplay is simple, matching up 3 ingredients that are used for a character's order. It can get pretty intense when you have A LOT of customers rolling in, though. It has enough levels to keep you entertained and challenged the further you go, and three different "expresso" modes (difficulty). The game sadly has a lack of music, so the soundtrack is repetitive, but strangely doesn't get annoying like you think it would. The game seems pretty stable, I haven't run into any errors really thus far, except one time where you literally COULD NOT match 3, you hear a weird sound and then you just see your scores (luckily I made the Today's Goal, so I didn't lose). This only happened to me ONCE and I've played this game a lot, usually the program always makes sure you can match 3.

Overall, the game is fun, with a simple plot, fun characters, and fairly challenging and relaxed gameplay that is good for your mind in a way. It's good to get your brain working a little bit, as well as speed~

YESSS!!! If you love Match 3s, this is one of the best! If not, give it a try anyway. Trust me, you'll have fun!


Repetitive, yet it works. With only a one song for each different part of the game (the cutscene, the map, the shopping, and the actual gameplay), it surprisingly doesn't get annoying.

Cartoony, with cheesy-looking chibi characters, but it's cute and works for the game.

This comes with three different "Expresso" modes. I've already begun on Double Expresso and there is a noticeable difference in difficulty. But even on just the easy Expresso mode, it can get pretty challenging when a customer loses patience, you have nothing left to increase it back, and the match 3s of ingredients you need for their order are not appearing for you. So as you go on, the game does get harder with more complex coffee recipies, longer store hours, and bigger money goals.

Each day is a level, and there's about 50 of them. You have about five or more locations, such as the suburbs, tech city, etc.! until you get to downtown. The locations just have the shop background look different, and you unlock new characters along the way.

Very simple gameplay. This is just anothet twist in the Match 3 genre of games. Instead of simply matching 3 gems, instead you match 3 ingredients which are used for different kinds of coffee, suchs as ice cubs, thunderbolts (caffeine), cream, milk, sugar, and coffee beans. You earn tokens you can buy more recipies with, as well as treats to keep your customers calm. The game is very simple and easy, but man, it's addicting!



The owner of Smokestack is seen with a cigar in his mouth, and I think the mobster customer has a cigar in his hand sometimes (but isn't seen smoking it).

The Heiress has a short dress, and the movie star has I guess an old-school sexy dress (she's like a knock-off of Mariyln Monroe). The body-builder doesn't have a shirt on.

None. When customers get mad and storm out, some make physical threats, but it's in a comical way. The alien is seen with a laser gun.


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