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This is a simple short Comedy Kinetic Novel about a human-dragon and a lost traveller.
It's about how the dragon reads traveller's mind and trick her No, I won't make it like the previous one. It's about the dragon and the traveller lost in each other minds.
The story begins with a dragon who lost in a cursed woods over hundred years. He wants to get out from there and come back to his tribe so badly.
And Suddenly, a traveller with unexpected circumstance, come to his life.
The traveller true self was a famous handsome-man hunter, person who go around the world to take handsome-man's photographs. And she was also lost in there.
The traveller was trying to get his picture, and the dragon was trying to eat her, while both of them hiding their true identity for each other...
[Description from LemmaSoft forums]

Developers(s): Ngareci
Rating: All Ages

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{I, the reviewer, give Grinning Heart: The Voyage, 8 out of 10!)


After a bit of a long wait, it's finally here!! Another segment in the Grinning Heart series! You may remember "The Meeting" but if not, have no fear! For this installment, "The Voyage", serves as a prequel! So you can play this without any prior knowledge of the first one, but I highly recommend you give it a chance!

This story is about a hungry dragon, trapped in a cursed woods, who prays for meat. Ironically, that's when our heroine runs passed him! And she just so happens to be looking for another handsome specimen. What a fateful meeting this is! Both of them conceal their identities, with bogus ways to get what they want, which end up conflicting with each other. Both of them have a plan of trapping the other in the same way for their purpose. Heheh, well, how does that end up, then?

I had a fun time reading this. The backgrounds were very beautiful, the sprites were clean and gorgeous. You can tell Chro is younger here than in "The Meeting", and being a prequel, that makes a lot of sense. Another plus over the first installment is for one, it's LONGER! In fact, it appears to be almost twice as long as "The Meeting" with a slightly more engaging story. Also, instead of the default Ren'Py textbox, it uses a custom textbox, making it feel more professional. A surprise for me was the fact that Ngareci used one of my voice clips from my free voice packs somewhere in the beginning, so that was kinda cool. There's also a lot more cute chibi CGs! They are made to look animated as you click, giving the story more of "you're watching it" like an anime, instead of "you're reading it".

Downsides? This one seemed to have just a bit more grammer problems than the previous installment. It's not bad in which it is really hard to understand, but a few sentences here and there feel pretty awkward. This caused some parts of the story to not deliver as well as how "The Meeting" delivered, but overall it's a more enjoyable story. Also some of the auto-forwarding between texts in some places I would accidently skip over, so I had to rollback quite a few times. And *SPOILER START*(I really wished Chro got together with Narl, they just seem so cute together, he even seemed to want to be her companion even! Why you turn him down, Chro?!)*SPOILER END*

Overall, a fun little prequel. I have to say Chro has become one of my favorite story characters and I hope to see more of her handsome-man-hunting adventures in the future!

YES! It's cute and fun, and no need to play the original to understand (in fact, playing this first is probably an even better idea since this happened before anyway).


The music was nice for this kind of story, one song when they were camping and telling about themselves was particular very pretty.

Really good! The art is a lot smoother than the first Grinning Heart, more to a commercial standard.Also, the animated-like chibi CGs were adorable, giving this VN more fun moments than "The Meeting".

This is a Kinetic novel, so there is no interaction.


Nothing really, just some OMGs.


Well, the dragon dude is shirtless, and our herone likes taking pictures of handsome men, but that's it. Nothing perverted.

Other than comedic violence, and the fact the dragon wishe to eat her, none.

At the beginning, the dragon prays to God that if He exists, to drop him some meat (and that's when you see our heroine make an entrance). Both the dragon and our heroine say "Dear God, you must of sent him/her from Heaven!" (him thinking about meat, her thinking about handsome man hunting).

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