Wednesday, November 13, 2013


BrainForcer3 is a non-shooter adventure/puzzle solving game. Your task is simple, find the energy cells, push objects, use switches to explore new areas and open the doors.

Developers(s): SilentWorks
Rating: Family Friendly

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{I, the reviewer, give BrainForcer3, 7 out of 10!)


Upon happily discovering the indie game website, Game Jolt, where developers post their games for us gamers to play free (YES!!!), I came across this title. The game serves as an example of what SilentWalks' "MegaKerma" engine is capable of, as well as an entry for a Hungarian game making competition. As you can see, this is evidently the third in the series, but knowledge of the first and second isn't needed as there appears to be no references for the first or second. Actually, the plot on the game itself is pretty vague, so the reason why you're there and trying to leave is unknown. But enough with that, let's talk about the game!

It's a pretty simple concept; pick up these things called "cells" which work as keys to activate opening the door to get to the next level Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! Yes, this game has no enemies. And yes, you don't get to shoot and blow things up. Sound boring? Actually, this game is pretty addicting! Like the game Portal, though I really can't compare since I haven't had the chance to play it, you use your brain to try and figure out where and how to get to the cells. It starts out easy, the cells being in plain sight. But then, it starts to get complicated. You'll have to press panels, jump up to somewhere or down to somewhere, activate other things in order to get to cells behind hazardous things. There are many obstacles, even though the game uses simple mechanics.

I found myself pretty frustrated quickly when I couldn't find a cell, or figure out where to go. I almost thought a cell was non-existent and maybe it is a bug in the game, or the creator made a mistake and forgot to put it there, but no I just wasn't looking hard enough. Sometimes the way to get a cell was simplier than it initially appears, leaving you feeling stupid when you go to the YouTube walkthrough only to find out it is because you missed something.

For a free game, I had a blast and was utterly amazed at the quality. The graphics were beautiful. It had nice level designs, smooth textures, the style sort of reminds of of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II without looking so clunky, more like the original UT smoothness. The sound effects were nice and well placed (though one particle walking/running noise almost sounded more like a heartbeat than a walk). And the music....oh gosh, it had some pleasant pieces. Nothing cinematic or anything, but very nice electronic sort of pieces that went well with the atmosphere of the game. I actually want the OST!

Now, the gameplay was nice, simple controls and everything, but that doesn't mean this game isn't without flaws. For one, you walk PRETTY SLOW, and the run speed I think should of been the walk speed. There is no option to toggle run, so you'll find yourself holding SHIFT a lot. When you press Esc, you only have the options of Exit and Continue; there is no return to main menu, so if you wanted to go back to the menu, you have to quit and reload the game first. The end cutscene, if you move your mouse a little, but very shaky and like it is preventing you to move around, and then I pressed "W" thinking I had to move around but it wasn't a level it was the end scene, but I guess you press any key to continue?

Storywise, there really isn't any. You're just trying to get out and leave, I guess. There was one part where it seemed some story was forming, but I was left unsatisfied when it didn't seem to conclude. *SPOILER BEGINS HERE* On one level, you find these Star Creatures in tubes asking for help and you say "Uh, okay, I'll see what I can do", but you advance on, and when you beat the final level in the cutscene the dialogue says "Farewell, Earth creature!" Umm, so did you help them? I wish it went more into that. *SPOILER ENDS HERE* So I kinda wish there was more regarding that, even if it remains vague on your reason for being there and leaving in the first place. Maybe it is referenced in the previous games that I am not aware of? I don't know.

Anyway, aside form all that, it was a really good game for what it was. I'm still shocked that this is free, it's indie, and it looks that good. Each level was unique, it was fun when I wasn't frustrated on locating a cell. It's short, but I enjoyed what was there and depending on if you can figure out the puzzles or not, your gameplay might be longer than it initially is suppose to be. The dialogue, though little of it, was simple but well thought of. I also liked the little robot voices on the final level. Though the game might not have too much replayability, due to having the knowledge of getting all the cells, it's still fun to run through and bask in the nice music, the eye pleasing graphics, and the fun of the simple mechanics. I really hope there'll be a BrainForcer4 with more levels, or even just an expansion to this one. All in all, it's a high quality game that's free, as well as completely clean. No violence, no language, completely innocent so you don't have to worry about your little kids/siblings watching or even playing it ^.^

YES! It's fun, it's challenging, its graphics are gorgeous, and best of all...IT'S FREE! You got nothing to do, go download it now!


The music is really good! Though there isn't much music in this game (which adds effect), when there is, it's pretty good. I especially love the piece that initiates when you use the anti-gravity tool~

For an indie game, the graphics are BEAUTIFUL! All the levels are well designed, and only get better as you progress through the game. Sure, they're dated compared to what can be accomplished now in commercial games, but I was in awe at how lovely the levels looked and their textures.

Don't think just because there aren't monsters and guns and explosions that this game isn't hard. No, my friend, you'll get stuck places and might even have to refer to the walkthrough on YouTube, and then when you see it feel stupid that ya missed it! Despite being a simple "collect the cells to open the door" game, getting these cells isn't always a piece of cake. They're often hidden, or you have to do a bunch of things in order to access them. BrainForcer really lives up to its name, forcing your brain to work!

Amazing! Again, I am in awe for a game this quality to be free! Despite only being 8 levels in length, each level was unique and more complex as you go. Level 1 may seem kinda lame, being one room and then you have the cells practically right in front of you, but soon you progress and things get more complex. Corridors, twists and turns, spirals upward, even an instance of going outside in a space suit! The levels are well designed and always something new and interesting for a small, free game.

It's a first person, non-shooter puzzle game in the vain of titles such as Portal. Only, you don't even get any sort of gun or anything to carry, and there's no robots....well, there's some at the end, but they don't do much nor are a threat. The goal is to find these cells in order to unlock doors to proceed to the next level. The game uses very simple mechanics. Most of the time, you have to jump up or down to places, activate panels, push things, and press buttons. But it does well making that simplicity its strength. And trust me, simple doesn't mean boring nor easy. This game, though no shooting things and being chased by mobs of monsters, will have you getting impatient or even ticked at times. Also, your character walks REALLY SLOW, the run speed should be the walk speed, so it was kind of irritating when you wanted to get places quicker, but that's my only real major complaint.





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