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Original Japanese Title: Myutsuu to Ai (Mewtwo and Ai)
Dubbed by: 4Kids
Animation: (unknown)
Manga adaption?: This was not adapted from a manga
Rating: Not Rated

{I, the reviewer, give The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origins, 9 out of 10!}


For those of you who remember Pokemon: The First Movie, otherwise known as Mewtwo Strikes Back, a certain scene (10 minutes in length) was cut, as it was deemed "too dark". While as disappointing as that was, I got good news for you! 4Kids later on DID dub that deleted scene! In the direct-to-video release movie, Mewtwo Returns, which was originally a television special in Japan, you'll find on the DVD's bonus features the very scene that was cut, entitled "The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origins" otherwise known as The Birth of Mewtwo. When I bought that DVD, I had NO IDEA that this scene was even there, tucked away in the extras. I had known that the original movie was edited, and felt sad a highly praised scene was cut and I'll never get to see it. But I discovered it via YouTube, and someone said it was on the DVD, so I got to watch it in higher quality!

Remember the scientists at the beginning? The head guy, Dr. Fuji, was doing more in his cloning project besides the creation of Mewtwo, a stronger version of the legendary Mew. If you remember Mewtwo's opening lines of "Where am I? This...this is not the same. Was everything before, just a dream?" now you'll understand what was up with those thoughts. Giovanni (Team Rocket's boss) hired Dr. Fuji for the Mew Cloning Project, and Dr. Fuji saw it as an opportunity to learn more about possibly restoring life itself. Evidently, he had lost his daughter in a tragic accident and was able to bring back her conciousness, which he wants to complete in a clone. His obsession drove his wife to leave him, but he doesn't give up hope in seeing his beloved Amber (Ai in the Japanese) smile again.

We also get to see Mewtwo in his early stages, as a child basically. When he gains a conciousness, he telepathically connects with Ambertwo, who befriends him and three other Pokemon clones. In this dream state, she shows him the world; the sun, the moon, and the stars. The world outside, which the original Amber remembered. However, this relationship is short lived when the clones begin to fail. Even so, Ambertwo leaves a wonderful message for Mewtwo.

The movies of Pokemon are proof of the franchise's ability to be really in-depth. I especially loved how dark and fairly deep the first film was, and am actually baffled how this tear-jerking scene was cut when the themes of the overall movie were, in my humble opinion, much darker. Plus, this explains a lot more to probably why Mewtwo appears so heartless, and why he's so cruel throughout the rest of the film. Even so, I am glad 4Kids eventually dubbed it, even though it had to be stored as an extra. If you ever get he chance, get Mewtwo Returns, watch the "Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origins", take the DVD out, and THEN watch Pokeman: The First Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back. With the impression of the deleted scene fresh in your mind, you're about to experience some feels you've never felt when you watched Mewtwo Strikes Back without this scene.

HIGHLY! You'll finally get to experience the missing feels from the first film, and be able to maintain those feels when you ever get the chance to watch the first movie again.


Very, very nice, and fitting to the situation of this scene.

I have never seen it in its original Japanese, but I must say that it was dubbed quite beautifully.

Pokemon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back), Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns, and all the other films in the franchise.

Pokemon (the anime series), Pokemon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back), Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns, and all the other films in the franchise.

This scene itself is a DVD extra, found in the bonus section of the Mewtwo Returns DVD.





*SPOILER* Three of the Pokeman clones and Ambertwo die, but you simply see them fade away into sparkles in the dreamstate, and the lab tubes they were in now empty.

This short, as well as the movie it was extracted from, deal with cloning.

(This was a deleted scene from a movie)

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