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This is a simple short Kinetic Comedy Novel about a vampire and a lost traveller.
It's about how they're in love each other No, I won't make it that cliche. It's about how's vampire tricked the lost traveller.
The story begins with a bored Vampire who stayed in the castle over thousands years, and he wants something new in his life.
And Suddenly, a traveller with unexpected circumstance, come to his life.
The traveller true self was a famous handsome-man hunter, person who go around the world to take handsome-man's photographs. And the vampire is her next prey.
While she was acting cool, she didn't know that the Vampire can read her mind.
[Lemmasoft description]

Developers(s): ngareci
Rating: All Ages

{I, the reviewer, give Grinning Heart: The Meeting,  9 out of 10!}
~*~Download The Game Here~*~


Vampire love stories are quite common these days. However, despite what you might get from the title, this story may have a vampire...but there's zero romance to be found here! No, no, the writer said, she's not gonna make it that cliche!

Grinning Heart, sub title "The Meeting" is the first installment of this comedic short Kinetic series. We follow a bored vampire who finally gets a little entertainment when a lost traveller, a handsome-man-hunter lady who's looking to take a photograph of yet another handsome man for her collection, asks to stay the night at his castle.

The most entertaining part is probably their thoughts. The vampire can read lost traveler's mind, and it's amazing how her polite manner of speech differs from her actual thoughts! What's also cute is whenever either one is thinking, a chibi in a thought bubble shows up with its own varying expressions.

Now, is there anything to nitpick at? Minor grammar errors, but it's very, very few. The art is a little rough, yet very eye-pleasing in design and coloring. It's pretty close to a professional standard. Also, I really liked the backgrounds.

Do I have any major complaints? Yeah, but only one; IT WAS TOO SHORT!!!!! You begin, and soon it ends! However, despite how short it was, the writer did a good job at delivering a solid, entertaining story in only 1,000+ words...but still! I would of loved more. There could of been so much more antics and funny situations to be seen! Luckily, the creator is making a prequel, with sub title "The Voyage" on another handsome-man hunt of hers, so be on the lookout!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this short, but sweet visual novel.

YES! It's very cute and will make you smile~

I certify this *VISUAL NOVEL NEWCOMER WORTHY* as it's a simple, Kinetic story, and no anime terms are needed and such.


The music fit the game pretty well. I especially like the beginning song at the start of the visual novel; gives a classic, creepy feel...though may be a little cheesy, sounds really good.

The artwork is not bad! A little rough around the edges, but the coloring is very nice that pops out, with lovely character design. And I think the backgrounds were drawn by the artist herself, too!

This is a Kinetic novel, so there is zero interaction.


About for uses of the "d" word, and a couple OMG (and then lots of literally written OMG).


None. Lost traveller just rants in her head about how hot he is.

~SPOILER!!!~ Vampire tries to bite her, but it ends up not working due to her tough skin.

The Vampire wishes not to be bored, and says to God he'll do anything not to be bored. 

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