Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A very, very belated Happy New Year! (3 years of reviews)

Hello, my dear readers! It's been awhile, ne? I'd just like to wish a (very belated) Happy New Year! Despite not posting as often as I know I should, I plan to bring the blog back to life again! I have just been so busy with school (second semester of college already o.o) that it's been hard to find time to watch anime or read manga. But, if I budget my time wisely, I might be able to put out some stuff frequently! First of all, there WILL be a full series review on the anime classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. A friend was kind enough to lend me the whole DVD set, and I have been going through it, watching both the dub and sub for comparison (and as a student of the Japanese language, I begin to pick up words more and more). And.....expect a "My Neighbor Totoro" review NEXT WEEK! That's right. Another friend lent it to me. But....! This isn't the Disney re-release. This is the ORIGINAL DUB (but from what I understand it, it is unedited, 'cause Miyazaki wouldn't let them dub it if they did). The DVD I was lent was released by 20th Centuary Fox and, though unedited, doesn't come with the original Japanese audio. The Disney version was not only REDUBBED with a major cast, but as usual, it comes with the option of the original Japanese with English subs. So...! I am kinda glad, since I didn't know there was another dub. I will later get my hands on the Disney version, so I can compare TWO DUBS and THE JAPANESE! Now, how about manga wise? I need to finish "NG Life" since it was borrowed and is my friend's favorite series, so....if I cannot get to it volume by volume, I *may* have to review the series as a whole, but I will try volume by volume. Also, Higurashi When They Cry if I can get to it. So there you go. Expect reviews soon, and of course, webmanga reviews will appear here and there as well.