Tuesday, July 10, 2012



It's easy: Just send a text to a certain address and a dark angel will appear and grant your wish--but only one! You can wish for your crush to fall in love with you, for revenge against those who have wronged you, or even for the dead to be brought back to life. But choose your wish carefully--sometimes a dream come true can be a nightmare!

Manga-Ka: Mia Ikumi
Distributor: Del Rey
Format: Right-to-left
Rating: 13+

{I, the reviewer, give Only One Wish, 8 out of 10!}


"It's up to you to make me an angel or a devil. Come on, tell me your wish."

There are many ways to come across it. Finding a text address on a mirror, found at a non-existent staircase in school, or a cell phone falling mysteriously from the sky! No matter how you find it, the rumor is the same; use it to contact the angel, and she will grant you any wish---but only one!

"Only One Wish" is a single-volume oneshot manga that consists of four stories, involving teens contacting the angel for their wish. Most of them is focused on love, or tied to it somehow, but is done differently each time. It explores the different consequences and results of the wish made. Friendships broken, love found, lessons learned, and the ability to grant your own wish.

The first story is about three close friends. One of them likes a guy, and knowing the rumor about the angel, they look for the mirror and one of them makes a wish for that friend. This one had just a slight horror feel to it. The second story is about a girl who just realized she died, but doesn't remember, and makes a wish to have her life back--but the angel gives a condition; if she can kiss the boy she likes within 24 hours, she'll be alive again. The third wish, a girl who has a crush on this boy, who often fantasizes about him shrinking and carrying him around, and she gets to do so! And lastly, a boy and a girl accidentally grabs each other's cell phones and tries to find each other.

While the idea of the story sounds very dark, only the first story really has that theme. The others are pretty light hearted, sweet, maybe a bit touching at times, as well as fun! It explores well enough for it's page limit that sometimes the wish you so desire isn't as lovely as you had imagined. Sometimes a lesson is learned, a wish truly achieved, or nothing is learned and a vicious cycle continues. Sometimes the wishes are made unknowingly, other times totally on purpose. Also....is the dark angel truly evil? To be honest, she stands at a sort of gray level.

Artwork wise, while not extremely unique, is well done. I like how the eyes are drawn, and how the inking is done, and the use of thick lines.

All in all, I highly enjoyed this story, and wished there were more! It'd be neat to see other wishes be made and watch how it all pans out. Also, this could make a pretty good anime, in my opinion. Most likely an anime movie if it ever got animated. If you're looking for a quick story that's well written enough, I think you'll like this.

If you're a fan of Ikumi-sama's Tokyo Mew Mew, this contains a bonus short story in that universe, also related to Only One Wish at the end of the story.

If you enjoy stories with the concept of wishes, I think you'll like this one! Even though many of them have some sort of romantic tie, I think many would be interested in the different outcomes of each person's wish. Also, it's surprisingly VERY CLEAN!




Really nothing more than a kiss. In Wish 2 (SPOILER! When the main girl is brought back to life, you see her appear with some undetailed nudity....like a doll).

In the first story, two of the girls almost get eaten by a creature. The second story involves a girl who had died, which later (SPOILER! We found out she drowned, and briefly you see her struggling in the water, but no actual drowning is seen). Briefly, beginning the fourth story, a girl begs for her wish to be taken back (her wish wished away her teacher) and he reappears (but I think he's dead, and there may have been a little blood).

This is about any wish being granted (even to become alive again in one case). It is said that if you find this cell phone and make your wish, a dark angel will answer and grant it. The dark angel isn't really evil, she just grants the wishes and stands by to watch. How the wisher deals with it, or what they wished for are the ones who make it either a dream or a nightmare. In the second story, one character is a ghost and wishes for life again. In the third story, the girl imagines her crush being pocket sized and says "If God would allow...." and when that wish is granted, says "Thank you, God!".

1. Wish 1
2. Wish 2
3. Wish 3
4. Wish 4
Tokyo Mew Mew Bonus Story