Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As you all know, I LOVE reviewing webmanga! Well, there's a lot of interesting completed One-Shots out there on SmackJeeves! So.....EXPECT LOTS AND LOTS MORE REVIEWS TO COME!!!! Who knows? You might discover a new, awesome manga to follow this way! I also have my normal anime and manga reviews coming up (Kimi ni Todoke vol.3, Gate 7 vol.1, Ramen Fighter Miki (Complete Series), etc.!) so also be on the look out for that!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A high school girl starts finding the guy she likes to ask him out to lunch but accidentally asks 3 of his brothers who look just like him.
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Manga-Ka: Eevee Nicollie
Distributor: Online exclusive
Format: Right-to-left
Rating: (not rated)

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{I, the reviewer, give Strange Japanese School Days: Sibling Maniac, 7 out of 10!}


This is a rather interesting little comic I discovered on SmackJeeves. It's completely in full color, and has a very visual novel like feel to it. It's about a girl named Hanabi who likes a boy named Kai, however, she does not know he has THREE LOOK-ALIKE BROTHERS! When she attempts to ask Kai out to lunch, she keeps getting ONE OF THE BROTHERS! There's the flirty Kei, the nerdy Ken, and the "scary" Kou. Finally, she actually runs into Kai, the guy she REALLY wants to have lunch with.

This is probably one of the silliest manga I have ever read in my life! Hanabi is completely confused and frustrated, wanting to be with Kai, yet ends up being caught up with all his look-alike brothers. The interesting thing, however, is Kai is not focused on much at all, even though that's who she really wants. Actually, the spotlight is probably mostly on Kou, the mysterious one always wearing a surgeon mask. I have to admit, he's definitely the fan favorite (and I like him as well). Sadly, though, the other brothers do not get as much spotlight as I wish they would have.

Another neat feature was the visual novel segment, where Eevee-sama made it look like you were playing a visual novel, and if you were a reader during the comic's run, you get to vote for one of the choices and see the route! It was a very interesting segment, though a bit odd. However, it really made me wish that this was an ACTUAL visual novel you could play! I would totally take Kou's route. But I'd also like to learn more about Ken, too, since he'd be my second choice as Hanabi's love interest.

Most of this story is 4-koma, however, and very cute. Though, like I said before, mostly focused on Kou (but I can't complain too much, since i think he's awesome). The coloring for this story was done really well. Normally I am not a huge fan of full color manga, but I have to admit I really liked the digital coloring for this. Also, I really liked the expressions, as well as character designs.

Of course, no story is perfect, and there are a couple major things that bring my score down. One, the sister. Besides Kai's three look-alike brothers, he has a younger sister as well who is kinda creepy. She's a bit...clingy to Kei, and in one of the 4-komas, it almost seems like she's kind of in love with her brother Kei, which creeped me out. However, the author said she purposely created her for you to hate. Well, job well done! Thankfully she is only seen like twice throughout the whole story. Also, the abrupt ending. Nothing is resolved AT ALL, and it has a VERY INCOMPLETE feel. However, the author promised in her latest comic a Hanabi and Kou look alike, so I admit to looking forward to that.

While this comic has it's problems, I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it. For the most part it was adorable, and very amusing. If you like randomness with a ridiculous story, this is something that I think you'll have fun reading.

If you're looking for a cute, silly read, why not? Some of the weird stuff I mentioned can be easily skipped, since it's not vital to the story.




The younger sister of the brothers seems a bit too enthralled with her brother Kei (in fact, in one of the 4-koma strips she says something, and it's bleeped, so what she said is left to the reader's imagination). Also, in the fake visual novel segment on Kei's path, there is a scene where they are on the rooftop and he is on top of her, looking like he was about to "make a move". This is the worst it gets.

First time Hanabi runs into Kou, there's blood on his surgeon mask.


1. Sibling Maniac
2. Extra
3. Afraid of Kou
4. Relationships
5. Unexpected Encounters