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Avatar The Last Airbender: Water, Vol.1

The Avatar returns to the world searching for excitement, adventure and a good time! New friends, celebrity status, and the ruthless Fire Nation on his tail...can Aang face his destiny to save the world?
(From the backcover of Avatar The Last Airbender: Water, Vol.1)

Original Japanese Title: There isn't one.
Dubbed by: English is the original audio.
Manga adaption?: No, this is an original show.
Rating: Not rated.

{I, the reviewer, give Avatar The Last Airbender: Water, Vol.1, 9 out of 10!}


If there was ever such thing as an American anime, "Avatar The Last Airbender" would be it. With beautiful animation and an engaging storyline, it's one of the best American-made cartoons I have seen in awhile that has an anime quality to it, which is why I have allowed myself to review it here!

It's a story about four nations: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They all once lived together in peace, until the Fire Nation decided to attack. A war broke loose, lasting years upon years. What's worse is the Avatar, the only one who can control all four elements, vanished. A hundred years later since the war started, a brother and sister named Sokka and Katara from the Water Nation find a boy named Aang frozen in an iceberg. He is an Air Bender, and apparently the last of their kind. But not only that, they later find out he is the new Avatar, wielder of all elements, destined to save the world! Of course, being just a kid, he's still got alot to learn and training to do before he can do that. Not only that, but Prince Zuko from the Fire Nation, who has been looking for the Avatar for 2 years, has finally discovered him!

This is something the whole family would enjoy watching. It's extremely clean that has enough humor and fun to keep younger viewers happy, but an engaging storyline deep enough for older viewers to get into. It serves as a good alternative to alot of anime that is too violent and/or confusing, or the horribly dubbed edited versions of anime. Anime puriests would look at me as crazy to even call this "an anime", but whether or not it's a true anime, it's still an amazing animated series with lots of action and fun that people of all ages can enjoy. Plus the animation is actually beautiful, unlike most of the modern "cardboard" looking series we have today with lame or random, disgusting storylines. Give this one a try; I think you'll like it!

Yes, yes, and did I say yes? If you're looking for an amazing anime-quality series that the whole family can enjoy, watch this!! You won't regret it!


It has a pretty good musical score that fits the show nicely.

This show was originally in English to begin with. The acting is done pretty well. Where there were parts where the acting could of been better, for the most part it's excellent. It also comes in French and Spanish dub, but I cannot comment since I have not watched it in those languages.

The live-action movie based on the animated series entitled "The Last Air Bender".

None that I can think of, other than the live-action movie.

"Behind The Scenes Kung Fu" Featurette




In the fourth episode when Sokka asks for some female warriors to teach him how to fight, they agree as long as he agrees to follow ALL their traditions, which includes wearing their warrior outfit and make-up, which obviously is for girls only. This is for comical purposes, however. Other than that, nothing. The most revealing clothing gets is when someone is swimming (in swim clothes) or when two male fire benders fight shirtless.

There's some fighting, but no one gets seriously hurt. There are mentions of events where people have gotten killed, such as the exstinction of the Air Benders and Katara's mother. The worst it gets is at the Air Temple when Aang finds out the Fire Nation did attack and sees the skeleton of one of his friends (and I think there were other dead bodies, but not extremely graphic).

There are four nations: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Within these nations are people called "Benders" those who can "bend" a certain element, meaning control it and use it. The Avatar is someone from either one of these nations who can wield all four elements. There's something called the "Avatar Cycle" where the Avatar is reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle. This time, the Avatar was reincarnated as a boy named Aang who is an Air Bender.

1. "Chapter 1: The Boy In The Iceberg"
2. "Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns"
3. "Chapter 3: The Southern Air Temple"
4. "Chapter 4: The Warriors of Kyoshi"

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