Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The World Stops! Vol.1

Getting thrown into an unknown world and stopping time to gain time to start other worlds? Nothing out of the norm if you are Liz, who barely knows how to use her time power. To add to this maddness, Liz has some new "friends" who also have strange powers to help stop time in other worlds. Things get more question-full when Liz forgets which world she's from. Oh...WOW...what?! Weird things are coming out of Liz's head?!
(From the back cover of The World Stops!, Vol.1)
[NOTE: Cover art image is not the actual cover art of this volume, this is the splashpage for chapter 4].

Manga-Ka: Marshmellow Muffin
Distributor: Self-published.
Format: Right-to-left.
Rating: All Ages.

{I, the reviewer, give "The World Stops!" vol.1, 10 out of 10!}


Just as CLAMP's "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles" is a treat for fans of all their work, so is "The World Stops" a treat for those who are fans of Marshmellow Muffin. Of course, one does not need any knowledge of Muffin-sama's work to enjoy this manga, but if you've read her stuff you'd enjoy it to it's fullest. Now unlike Tsubasa, the worlds visited in the Muffin-Universe are not alternate versions of familiar characters, but more like a crossover type feature....they are landing in the actual world of that manga, meeting the actual characters!

The plot of this manga? Stop time in some worlds for other worlds to gain time. Erm...what? Are you confused? It's nothing to worry about; so is Liz, a 12-year-old girl who suddenly wakes up in the World Of The Stolen (from Muffin-sama's "Stealers" manga) and meets a guy with leaf-wings who happens to be the keeper of that world! He makes her into a Time-Keeper and explains to her how to stop a world and that she needs to freeze this world. Of course, Liz just wants to go home, but she does this, and everything stops. Then a girl, Candy, appears, and as she was about to stop this world, she finds Liz already has. Liz begs Candy not to leave her there, all she wants is to go home, and Candy tells her "I wouldn't dream of leaving you, we need you!". Thus Liz learns she was not meant to return home, because destiny has something else in store for her! She meets alot of strange people with powers, and everytime she runs into them, she only gets freaked out more! A girl who can shape-shift into anyone, a boy who can only speak to you through his mind with the use of telepathy, a girl who can switch one item for another, a talking staff named Dust, and a guy who can sumoon things from other worlds....and she's a Time-Keeper??!! It's alot for poor Liz to take in!

Well, everything is explained, and Liz understands to the best of her ability, and her first mission is with Candy to Muffin World. If any of you enjoyed her one-shot "Muffins FTW" we get to see a slight continuation as Liz meets up with that sad little muffin who is now the Muffin Princess, who's quest is to make everyone happy! Liz also somehow gets sent off to "Dream Academy", a place with very powerful students. This world doesn't entirely belong to Muffin-sama, but the whole team of DREAM Manga where alternates of their characters attend. Here Liz meets alternate versions of Algot and Hermosa, who originally from Muffin-sama's "1WishRoses". Alot of crazy things happen, can Liz handle it?

Despite a few typos and grammer mistakes (it's still better than the online version), this manga is really amazing! I've read it several times through already! It's cute, funny, full of fantasy, and just really fun! The art is also really good, too! It's unique and distinctive; you know it's Muffin-sama drawing it! It's very heavily screentoned, though. Not that this is a bad thing, but I've never seen a manga with so much screentone before. However, it provides a nice mystical effect and makes things look interesting! It's currently being sold at Etsy, so you don't have to worry about not getting a copy if you weren't at AnimeExpo AX2010. Also, this comes with a few extras after the story! It includes a 17-page one-shot called "Moonlit Dead Love" which was all drawn within 1 week! (A separate review for this will be provided later). There are also four 4-koma stories as well.

HIGHLY! This manga is really unique and good clean fun! It's a light-hearted adventure with an interesting plot that is deep enough to delve into! Also, being very clean, you don't have to worry about your little brother or sister reading it! It's something you can read over and over without getting sick of it!

I certify this *MANGA NEW COMER WORTHY* 'cause it's a fun, enjoyable read, and despite the plot being a bit confusing, it's OK 'cause Liz doesn't get it either XD!!





In the world of Stealers, a guy tries to steal Liz's hair. We learn that Time-Keepers are sought out to be killed for being Time-Keepers. In the world of Dream Academy, Algot threatens to shoot Liz if she doesn't become his friend. There was also an instant where someone got shot in the arm and there's a little bit of blood. The violence in here is very mild.

Liz wakes up, finding herself in a completely different world and meets this "leaf guy" as she calls him who makes her a Time-Keeper, someone who's job is to stop time in some worlds and try to give time to other worlds that need it. She meets other people with powers; Candy is known as "The Lost Dreamer" and has the power to forsee in dreams, her wand "Dust" can talk, Novel has telepathy and mind control, Domina can make herself look like anyone, Fair can "switch" one item for another, Hector can travel and someone things from other worlds. There are these people called World Keepers who stay alive throughout the ages of that world and know everything about that world. In "Muffin World", Liz meets a muffin who turns into The Muffin Princess (so it's like food turning into a person). "Dream Academy" is a school where their students are magical are are very powerful. There's this weird girl who seems like she's being controlled (either that, or she's just weird). Liz's "staff" comes alive and turns into an alter-ego of herself.

Chapter 1: The World Of The Stolen
Chapter 2: Needed
Chapter 3: How Does That Work?
Chapter 4: Muffin World
Chapter 5: The Beginning Of The Dreams
Chapter 6: Mislead
Chapter 7: Let The Sparks Fly
Chapter 8: New Friends
Chapter 9: One Step Closer To Truth
"Moonlit Dead Love" One-Shot

Monday, October 11, 2010

Muffins F.T.W.

So sad the muffin just wanted a friend on her birthday. Lucky for her the Muffin queen took pity on her. Best birthday gift ever…….I think. @_@;;
(SmackJeeves comic description)

Manga-Ka: Marshmellow Muffin
Distributor: Online exclusive.
Format: Right-to-left
Rating: All Ages

{I, the reviewer, give "Muffins F.T.W.", 8 out of 10!}


Marshmellow Muffin is the manga-ka of such titles as Stealer, 1WishRoses, and her latest project, The World Stops. This is, from what I know of anyway, her first and only one-shot.

"Muffins F.T.W." begins with a sad muffin named Muffin. She is sad because Pencil did not show up, and is spending more time with Cupcake. Suddenly, the Muffin Queen appears, and turns Muffin into The Muffin Princess! Now as the Muffin Princess, she goes to look for Pencil to confess her true feelings. That's all I can say for now, or I'll spoil it ^.-

At 20 pages, it was a fun read! This was a really sweet, cute shoujo-style manga. It's unique in every way, I doubt you'll find another manga like this. Muffin-sama's artwork is really beautiful and unique. The story may seem really weird and odd, but overall amusing and an enjoyable read. I especially loved the ending and what Muffin says. The best part is that it's really clean and so all ages can read it. There was some spelling and grammer mistakes in the dialogue, and the first few pages the text is blurry (but legible). But don't let that stop you from reading it! Is this the end of our Muffin Princess' adventures? Well, Liz from "The World Stops" pays a visit to Muffin World, so if you liked this story, be sure to read that one, too!

I really recommend this for someone looking for an interesting, unique story that is cute and fluffy and clean, with adorable artwork!


One use of the "a" word.

Clear of this.

People may find it weird for a pencil and a muffin to be in love, but other than that, nothing.

There wasn't any violence.

There is magic use in here. "Muffin" is a living, talking Muffin who is sad because "Pencil" seems to be hanging out with "Cupcake" more. So we have living inanimate objects. The Muffin Queen has magical powers (she's human), and turns Muffin into the Muffin Princess (so she looks human, too.) At the end...
(SPOILER!!!!!! I think Cupcake was turned into the Cupcake Princess by the Cupcake Queen? Well, in the end, Muffin stays as the Muffin Princess and makes Pencil humanoid, too, I think.)

(No chapters, it is a one-shot)