Sunday, August 15, 2010

#1 - You should be reading.....

Farewell Feeling
To be unable to feel sadness might seem like a blessing, but Ellison knows differently.Each of our emotions is a living being with problems of their own. Ellison’s Grief emotion (accidentally) caused
her previous human’s death -- and now her
fear of doing her job is costing Ellison not only
his best friend but the loss of the rest of his
emotions as well. because when you have
never felt truly sad, can you ever feel truly

(SmackJeeves comic profile description)

Manga-Ka: Rainysidewalks
Suggested Age: 12+
Format: Left-to-right

This is an amazing manga that has a unique storyline and is totally worth following! It is about two friends, however, Ellison cannot feel grief. Is it because he is cold? No, not at all, but his emotion "Grief" isn't doing her job, and that is what is causing him alot of trouble. It's really interesting to read, the idea of your emotions being actually living beings that make you feel a certain way and how the absence of one emotion can make you appear cold. Another cool thing about this is that it's both in English and Japanese! However, this comic goes left-to-right, which means the Japanese-language pages, the characters are going horizontel instead of vertical. Despite that, I am highly enjoying this series and am curious to see where it goes!

Language: None that I can remember.
Sexual Content/Nudity: None.
Tabacco/Alcohol/Drug Use: None.
Violence/Blood and Gore: Nothing.
Religious Material: People's emotions in this story are "living beings", like "spirits", that are with you that make you feel that certain emotion.


Kaka Pencil Magical Pen
A magical pen destined to be written by only one person (according to Elliot), a lonely 15 year old girl who doesn't really have the best of weight on her and really wants all her heart's true desires to become real! Rina Akamato, aka "Ugly-Chan", the smartest girl in her class, just wants her dreams to become real.
She's in love with childhood friend, Ryoma Yamada, the now hottest guy in the class (and school?). But because he's so cool like that he's stayed great friends with Rina all through High school. When they find the magical pen, strange things begin to happen. Will that help Rina make her wishes come true?

(SmackJeeves comic profile description)

Manga-Ka: Ingridochoa
Suggested Age: 12+
Format: Left-to-right

This is an amazing story manga that is really fun to read! It's about a girl named Rina, who sadly has been nicknamed "Ugly-chan" and her childhood friend, Ryoma. She is very smart, and he....needs to study more. They find a pen called "Kaka Pencil" that's supposed to be magical. So far, the story is only 1 chapter long, with chapter 2 having only a few pages, but it's really fun to read and I am curious as to see how this'll play out! What will they do with the Kaka Pencil? Guess we'll have to sit, read, and find out! I also like the artwork, to be honest, it's sort of rough-looking, but fits the story very well.

Language: I don't remember any.
Sexual Content/Nudity: When you see Rina reading a romance novel, you see the visual image in her head of a guy kissing a the girl's neck. That's it.
Tabacco/Alcohol/Drug Use: I don't think there was.
Violence/Blood and Gore: In the intro pages, there appears to be some people chasing the last person to have the Kaka Pencil, and with it, he uses it to make someone disappear. Not graphic, but I thought should be mentioned.
Religious Material: Like the description says, "Kaka Pencil" is supposed to be a magical pen that can make your wishes come true!


Ars Aevum
Long ago, there lived a prosperous civilization that covered the world. They were called the Aevum civilization, and they lived in peace alongside one another. But one night... that all changed. A giant flood covered the planet, and wiped out the Aevum. Present day: a world flooded in water, where only the highest places are able to be inhabited by people. Below the water lies the secrets to a civilization's past, and power beyond imagination.
(SmackJeeves comic profile description)

Manga-Ka: Profanity00
Suggested Age: 13+
Format: Right-to-left

I discovered this comic when the manga-ka had left a comment on a page of my own, saying his art style was also CLAMP/Tsubasa inspired, and so I checked his profile and decided to read his comic entitled Ars Aevum. I was blown away! The art, the's amazing! And the storyline is also engaging, too! It starts out with Zack and Derek trying to retrieve this magical orb. It's not long before there is any action, for this huge rhino-like creature appears! Now I won't spoil what happens, you'll have to read it yourself! Now I can see ALOT of Tsubasa-like similarities in this comic, however, don't be so quick to label it a "rip off", because this story is not! Ars Aevum is a manga all it's own, despite it's inspiration, and though one of the main characters, Derek, looks very much like Syaoran and has similiar qualities, there is alot about his personality that is all his own, he is his own character with his own personality! Go read this...the art and story is amazing!

Language: I think there was some minor language, like "h" and "d" here and there if I remember right, nothing harsh. However, in the first omake comic, Zack says the "s" word three times in a row.
Sexual Content/Nudity: One of the guys (a rival of theirs?) wears a mesh shirt.
Tabacco/Alcohol/Drug Use: I don't think there was any.
Violence/Blood and Gore: Oh boy....well, when they were in these ruins, this huge rhino creature appears. When Zack absorbs the magical orb, he seems to be going through alot of pain. When he uses his new "art" to fight the rhino-thing...
(SPOILER! The rhino's arm bursts into a bloody mess and it dies as the place falls.)
Religious Material: There are these magical orbs that give you powers called "arts" so there is magic use.