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Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year Edition

Unreal Tournament earned Action Game of the Year accolades from Gamespot, CNET Gamecenter, and While other games matched it for single-player and online multiplayer deathmatch excitement, UT stood out as the best team-based action game of 1999. Players duel with sci-fi weapons in such diverse environments as a rocking pirate ship, an amphibious invasion in World War II, and opposing guard towers atop a wildly spinning asteroid. Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition includes 70 new maps and three new modes from which to choose. Tactical Ops is a team-play mode, based around two teams--the elite Special Forces and terrorist groups from around the world. Tactical Ops introduces realistic weapons, maps from actual locations, and never-before-seen scenarios. Rocket Arena is classic one-on-one deathmatch combat with all the weapons at your disposal. Chaos features crazy new weapons, such as a broadsword, living proximity mines that yell at your opponent, and even a small black hole.
(Production description from

Developer: Midway, Epic
Gametype: First Person Shooter
Rating: M for Mature.

{I, the reviewer, give Unreal Tournament, 10 out of 10!}


Out of all the games I've ever played, this still remains at the top of my list of favorite games EVER! And despite the awesome graphics we have now, the graphics in here still look beautiful and detailed, especially considering the time it came out this was one of the games that surpassed all others when it game to high-detail graphics. I was like....8 years old or so when I first played it. Maybe younger, I can't remember. All I know is we had a computer that handled it decently, though it would crash from time to time (but it wasn't the game's was that computer >.<). I was an instant fan of this game the first time I played it.'s a tournament. But it's unlike any tournament you've entered in. This is Unreal Tournament, that begins with the vicious and bloody DeathMatch where everyone is for themselves. Whoever reaches the goal amount frags (kills) first is the winner. Then, you will move onto the best part, the Team Matches, which include Domination, Capture the Flag, and Assault. Sounds pretty violent, huh? Why would anyone want to enter a tournament like that if you'd end up getting killed? Well, the players in the tournament don't really get killed. You see, all participants (including you) are set inside a chosen arena. Now the arena is a virtual reality, and everytime you kill someone, or you get killed, you respawn, and everyone is watching this tournament (probably on TV). So that is the plot of the game. Though you don't really die and the arenas are virtual realities, you better be able to take pain, because the pain for the players are real! (But you in real life feel nothing, promise!). It's a really unique game that provides endless hours of fun! Even after you finish the tournament, there are many difficulty levels you can set it at, plus in "Practice Session" you have even MORE maps to choose from your favorite gametypes.

Amazing thing about this first-person shooter is that you get to choose from a wide variety of players, male or female. This was really cool for me, 'cause alot of the first-person shooter games I've played before, the character was male, but in here, I could choose a female character, which was awesome. But the best part about Unreal is...even though it is a rated "M" game, you can turn off all mature character taunts and control the blood and gore level. You can have ultra gore, where they expload into guts, minimal blood, or no blood and gore at all. Never have I ever encountered a game with amazing content settings! You can practically bring it down to a rated "T" level. Also, this game is more than just killing your opponents over and over again relentlessly until you can go to the next arena. That's only the entry. The rest of the tournament, which is my favorite part, is all about team work. Yes, you still frag the opposing team, but you do all kinds of stuff. Like in Domination, you try to control the 3 control points to gain enough points to win, Capture The Flag to capture the enemy's flag 3 times, and Assault where you complete missions (first time you're on offensive, second time defensive).

All in all, this is an AMAZING game, that is very unique in it's style. Seriously, you'll find yourself addicted to it once you enter yourself in the tournament. Will you become the next Unreal Champion? Play and find out! And be sure it's the Game Of The Year edition, 'cause that has all the nifty bonus maps in "Practice Session" including new weapons and gameplay. It should be apart of the Unreal Anthology, and it'll also come with the Map Creator, where you can create your own arena!

I definantly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, action-packed, fast paced game! You won't find a game like this anywhere else!



The music in here is actually really good, it has alot of nice electronic tracks.

I can't tell you how good these graphics are. Even as an older game, you will be amazed at how good the graphics were for the time it came out. It's still enjoyable today!

You can choose difficulty level from "Novice" to "Godlike", and everything in between. You won't get bored easily. And if the bots get boring, play online! That's even more fun.

The arena maps are amazing! From being out in space, to lush green paradise, ancient ruins, and so forth. Also, if you played the original Unreal in "Bot Match" if you play "Practice Session" you'll see some remakes of favorite maps such as Curse, Heal Pod, and Deck16.

Very simple. The default is usually the arrow keys, but you can change it if you want. There primary fire and alternate fire, be sure to use both, because alternate fire is often times cooler than primary! And since this is an older game, it should run smoothly with no chopping.


One of the character taunts contains the "B" word. However, you can turn off mature taunts, so you don't need to hear it.

I don't think there's any of that in here.

In a couple of maps, there's some art of naked women. This isn't in the actual tournament gameplay, though, so you can skip these maps.

Well, well. Unreal Tournament is a bloody, vicious fight to win. The Whole idea of DeathMatch is to have enough frags to make it to the next arena. Of course, there are no actual character deathes, as arenas are virtual, but everyone still feels the pain of getting shot, falling off cliffs, and being blown up. And often times, people will expload into a bloody mess. Thankfully, we have the option in the Settings to lower or completely remove the blood and gore.

The name of the extreme difficulty level is "Godlike". Also, when on killing sprees, you might aquire the "Godlike" title. Also, some of the arenas are some kind of anicent temples. Other than that, nothing to worry about.

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Getting everything you want isn't akways as great as it seems...and young Elijah Worthy found this fact out as a child. Subjected to experiments said to make him and many other people live in a perfect dream-state on the intergalatic space station "Heaven Bound", they would be able to pierce through the edge of the universe and find true heaven...and God. But when things have gone awry, and the implants cause them not to go into a deep, blissful sleep, but to gain awful, life-changing mutations, their sight of God has been all but lost. Now, everyone with the mutations is forced to live on Heaven Bound, because the normal world completely rejects them. Can Elijah keep his secret of being a Christian from the rest of the ship? Or will he befall the same fate of others like him?
(From the back cover of Heaven Bound, Volume 1).

Calbhach and Inkhana.
Distributor: Self-published.
Format: Right-to-left.
Rating: 14+

{I, the reviewer, give , 9 out of 10!}


If you're a fan of Inkhana's manga, the creator of titles such as Steelblood and Game Plan!, then I'm sure you're likely to become a fan of her sister, Calbhach, with her debut manga, entitled Heaven Bound. Now "Heaven Bound" is a deep, dark story, that is not for the faint of heart. It is also a very unique story, and you won't find anything like this anywhere else.

It's a story about a ship called "Heaven Bound" and like the name says, was bound for Heaven. A man claimed he saw Heaven through a telescope, and wanted to take everyone there. So the ship was built, and everyone given implants to give them perfect dreams while they await to awake in this Heaven the man claimed he saw. But, something goes terribly wrong. The implants malfunction and everyone was either severly aged, mutated, or even dead. And because of this, almost everyone ended up hating God for allowing this to happen.

The story follows young Elijah Worthy, a ranch hand at the Worthy ranch. He was adopted because his parents were killed when he was only a child. Elijah is secretly a Christian, keeping this to himself since so many people on the ship hate God. He has been accepted into the experiments to improve the implants, to right the mistake of what went wrong the first time. Now, I must warn you, this manga contains pretty deep stuff. It often focuses on the struggle with the sin of lust. Elijah struggles with this sin, and while looking at pornagraphy sites on the Internet, is caught by his friend Vellie. Also, there's Harmony Stillwater, who's one of the most beautiful women at the Heaven Bound station despite her mutation who Elijah gets involved with. It also appears that everyone at the Heaven Bound station seems to wear uniform like clothes, although many of them come in different cuts, some conservative and some revealing, they all appear to have similiar design and are the same color.

If you really liked the art in Ink-sama's "Game Plan!" then you'll really love the art in "Heaven Bound". It is very, very similiar to the art of "Game Plan!" but you can still tell there's some differences. Like I've noticed a few differences in the way of expression. And as always, the detail in the eyes are beautifully done. Now although the art is good, there were several panels that seemed to lack background. Many panels are practically white background, but this isn;t really a hinderence to the story at all. In fact, it gives a sort of unique feel. However, I did notice a few mistakes in how Elijah was drawn. Occasionally, it appears that Cal-sama forgot to draw him with his mutation (he's made of metal, so she forgot to make him gray and shiny). But you really don't notice it unless you try to. Other than that, no complaints.

What I liked about the story was it's unique plot and how Calbhach presented the sin of lust in a very realistic manner. Elijah isn't proud of looking at those sites, but falls back into looking at them every time. Per Vellie's suggestion, he takes up a hobby (he chooses dancing) to keep his mind focused. Also, I really love the art. It's a very unique style, and seriously, these are one of those manga that needs to be adapted into an anime someday. Who knows? It's possible.

All in all, this is an amazing, unique story, that touches some pretty deep issues. You can tell this volume is only a build-up of what's to come in store for future Heaven Bound volumes, which you will see, is bound to be an intense ride. Calbhach is very skillful at leaving alot of things open to get you hooked, and the cliffhanger she leaves at the end will not only make you scream "THAT'S how it ends??!!" but it'll have you begging for more. Hopefully, Calbhach won't leave us hanging too long and will start uploading pages for Volume 2 at the CM website very soon. But for now, sit tight and wait, and enjoy the first volume!

I definantly recommend this to anyone looking for a deep, unique, epic story!


About 3 "d" and 1 "h" nothing harsh.

When Elijah takes Harmony to a dance, you see one couple staring at them, and I think the man was smoking. Also, at Harmony's house, she gives Elijah a drink (I am not 100% sure if it was alcohol, but it's most likely).

Elijah struggles with the sin of lust. In the second chapter, we see him on his computer looking at pornagraphy sites, but you only see the link names. Also when Elijah goes to take a bath, you see his bare back as he turns on the water. Harmony's clothes often show her cleavage line, but aren't too revealing. Also, in the final chapter...
(SPOILER! Elijah and Harmony sleep with each other, but nothing is shown. You just see them go in the room, the door shuts, he has an intense nightmare, then wakes up beside her, full of regret. Also near the end, she reveals she's old enough to be his mother and that the implants is what made her look younger).

Victor gets pushed to the ground twice, once by Vellie, another by Elijah. Nothing violent, more comical if anything. When Elijah and Harmony are at the Heaven Bound museum, there's wings put up on a wall, which was ripped off of a man who didn't follow "the ways of the station". Also, when Harmony tells the story of Heaven Bound's past, in the scene where everyone wakes up with mutations, there's some blood. When Elijah thinks about his parents, he flashes back to when he was a kid and saw them dead, hung from a street sign poll. On the last page...
(SPOILER! Elijah gets hit by a truck! It's not really violent, but that is how it ends. Will he die? We'll have to find out!)

This deals with alot of deep stuff. There's nothing to worry about, but stuff is brought up. "Heaven Bound" was created because a man claimed he saw Heaven and wanted to take everyone there. Everyone is horribly mutated because of the implants, and hates God for allowing it to happen. In the final chapter...
(SPOILER! Harmony tells Elijah she's pregnant and plans to get an abortion).

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

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The Anti-Squee! (1-3)

3 hyper fangirls come together and have fun making jokes about all the crazy pairings in Tsubasa, Kingdom Hearts, and various others. Each one-shot is only 6 pages long, and each panel has a different pairing, and the characters comment on these strange pairings. What will each character say about their pairing? What kind of pairings exist in these fanfiction? How do these 3 hyper fan girls think about these pairings? Find out in the three humerous installments of The Anti-Squee!
(There was no description, so I had to make one up that best fit the story).

Manga-Ka: Asuka Neko.
Distributor: Online exclusive.
Format: Left-to-right.
Rating: Not rated.

{I, the reviewer, give The Anti-Squee!, 9 out of 10!}


From the author of the hilarious How To Annoy Kurogane fanfiction, and creator of two mangas in the works Etsu! and Forever Summer, Asuka Neko presents a fan comic called "The Anti-Squee!"
Now, what exactly is "The Anti-Squee" all about? Well, if you've ever read some manga/anime fanfictions at the website, you'll notice alot of yaoi pairings (especially in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles). In this manga, Asuka and her 2 friends comments on many of these pairings, and the characters have a say in what they think. (If you do not know what "yaoi" is, it is also referred to as Shounen-Ai, meaning "boy love").

It first started out as a 6 page one-shot for only the yaoi Tsubasa pairings, but by popular demand, spawned 2 more 6 page one-shots. The second one, though still mostly Tsubasa, mentioned a few other pairings in manga such as Ouran High School and D.N. Angel. And in the third one-shot, it is dedicated to the pairings in Kingdom Hearts, and is in full color.

Since it is 3 one-shots, I shall review them separately....
Tsubasa Yaoi Anti-Squee: This, of course, talks about alot of the pairings in Tsubasa, starting with the "most famous" pairing, KuroganexFai. As a Tsubasa fan, I highly enjoyed this. The art is really amazing, they're all like in chibi form, and kept in-character!
Anti-Squee Version 2.0: Mostly Tsubasa, but had other pairings (of manga I have not read). This was even better than the previous.
Kingdom Hearts Edition: Though I have not read Kingdom Hearts yet, I still enjoyed this. But those who have read it would enjoy it more!

In conclusion, this is a hilarious fan comic with cute art, and witty comments. If you are not a fan of yaoi pairings, this manga is for you! It's best enjoyed, however, if you've read Tsubasa and/or Kingdom Hearts. But I must warn you Tsubasa fans...if you haven't finished the Acid Tokyo arc, this contains some minor spoilers!

Read Them!
Tsubasa Yaoi Anti-Squee
Anti-Squee Version 2.0
The Anti Squee: Kingdom Hearts

Totally recommend this if you liek fan comic with cute art, everyone in-character, and witty comments.


Oh wow, no language! Awesome!


This talks about yaoi pairings, however, it is made fun of.

There's a mention of a violent scene in Tsubasa, but that's it. (TSUBASA SPOILER! It's in the FaixSyaoran pairing, where he says "you're not eating my other eye").

I don't think you'll need to worry about anything in here. Religion's not even mentioned, and magic is not used.

This is a set of 3 one-shots, there are no chapters.

GAME PLAN! Volume 2

A TRAGIC PAST! AN UNWANTED REUNION! Sonia and her crazy group of friends have finally persuaded Locke to join their team. Now armed with his incredible artistic ability, they push forward toward their goal of a marketable game. But just when things are looking up, a couple of shady characters from Locke's past reappear...
Are they as suspicious as they seem? Will Locke's heart be changed as he deals with his bitter memories? Find out in the exciting conclusion to Game Plan!
(From GaMe Plan! Vol.2 back cover).

Manga-Ka: Inkhana and Calbhach.
Distributor: Self-published.
Format: Right-to-left.
Rating: Young Teens

{I, the reviewer, give Game Plan! Vol.2 , 10 out of 10!}


Alas, here it is! From the manga-ka of the unfinished manga Steelblood, comes the final installment of Game Plan! It is the first project Ink-sama has ever finished! (And if any of you are a member of the CM forum, you probably remember how excited she was to have finally finished!). Though it is sad to see this manga come to an end after a short run, this jammed-pack intense volume is full of more humor, more emotion, and more romance! Plus, after the story, neat extras, including a 4-koma bonus story, and alot of hilarious classic Ask-a-Character-Friday skits!

The first chapter of this book starts right where the last volume left off. Locke finally reveals to Sonia his past! We find out what happened to him before he was adopted and why he hasn't given God a chance. He was abused as a child, and the man who was his new teacher told him about God, and that if he asked for help, God would protect him. Locke wanted him to tell someone about him, but he said he couldn't (probably out of fear). And later, Locke suffered the worst beating of his life and they just dumped him in the middle of nowhere. Sonia tries to tell Locke that his prayers were answered, because if the events hadn't of played out that way, he would of never been adopted by the Ashers and they never would of met. It really makes you think about what happens in our lives, though things may seem dark and gloomy, as if your whole world is falling apart, perhaps God can use it for our benefit?

Well, we also see the completion of the game! The last cut scene has been added, and just before Christmas! Ooh, and there's going to be a Christmas party at Kuri's house! Where Sonia's friends plot out how they're going to get them together...muahahaha! Also, Kuri announces someone who's interested in publishing their game! Who are these people? Well...apparently, Locke knows who they are, and is disgusted to see them! We are also introduced to a new character, a super adorable girl named Lucy, who apparently is Locke's little sister! Of course, he didn't know he had a sister (he was thrown out before she was born), until he finds her lost and wandering around the city, and he returns her to her mother who is also his mother! Lots of epicness in this volume! And it all comes down to...
Will he ever forgive his parents? Will the game be accepted and published? Will Locke reveal his true feelings for Sonia? And more important....will he give God a chance?

This volume was thicker than the previous, so it's a longer read. And despite that it ended, Ink-sama ended it well (no cliff-hangers, woot!) and I'd read it all over again. She said in "The Ink Spot" she'd love to write about them more, but there are no plans set in stone. We can only hope a sequeal is in the works, but if not, these two volumes stand well on their own as a complete series. This should totally become an anime someday, it would make an awesome OVA or movie! Hopefully this won't be the last we see from Inkhana. However, the good news is, we'll probably see more incredible manga from her soon. If you remember Steelblood at all, you'll be happy to know Ink-sama is working on a "secret project" us fans are still waiting to be unveiled at the CM website, and will feature the SB characters.

I strongly recommend it! If you liked the first volume, you'll love the conclusion! Lots of emotion, humor, and a deep story!

I certify this *Manga New-Comer Worthy!*


There is no language.

Locke's mother, in a flashback, was holding a bottle of beer and obviously was drunk. In one of the AACF skits "The Wedding", Tremble mentions booze being in the punch. Of course, this statement is never proved true.

Sonia's friends keep trying to get her and Locke together, but that's all. This manga is clean, so you're safe!

When Locke reveals his past to Sonia, you see his father abusing him. Also, little Locke had a gun and points it at his dad, and he takes it. It is implied that he used the gun to beat Locke with, but this is not shown (it just cuts to a scene where you see their house and hear Locke's screams to tell him to stop). When his father tells Locke what happened after they had left him, in this flashback they get into a car crash, and you see some blood on the cracked window. Also...
(SPOILER! Lucy is up on some loose, unstable beams and falls. You don't see her crash though, and she lives!).

Nothing to worry about here!

Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thriteen

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Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCle, Volume 1

SAKURA AND SYAORAN RETURN! But they're not the people you know. Sakura is the princess of Clow---and possessor of a mysterious, misunderstood power that promises to change the world. Syaoran is her childhood friend and leader of the archaeological dig that took his father's life. They reside in an alternate reality...where whatever you least expect can happen---and does. When Sakura ventures to the dig site to declare her love for Syaoran, a puzzling symbol is uncovered---which triggers a remarkable quest. Now Syaoran embarks upon a desperate journey through other worlds---all in the name of saving Sakura.
(From Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Volume 1 back cover)

Manga-Ka: CLAMP
Distributor: Del Rey
Format: Right-to-left
Rating: 13+

{I, the reviewer, give Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles volume 1, 8 out of 10!}


Originally I never intended to read the manga. I just watched the anime, new it was based on a manga, but never really thought about reading it. Eventually, on a trip to the bookstore, I decided to look at manga, I saw the first volume of Tsubasa, I flipped through it, and went to the counter to purchase it (along with xxxHOLiC). I mean, I had to see what this epic story came from, in it's original manga form by the amazing manga-ka CLAMP. And actually I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Sure, I am still a bit partial to the anime, but the manga is worth a read!

It was a little different from the anime. Actually, there was alot of differences from the manga and the anime. It's not like anything was really cut out or anything, just changed, or done differently. But let's not compare the anime and the manga just yet, this is a review for the manga only. So, let's get started....

We begin at a strange scene where Syaoran and Sakura are inside this glass tube in the middle of some void, and are separated by glass. You can see how much in pain they are from being separated from each other, and Syaoran bangs on the glass, but it is no use, it won't break. Then, suddenly, wing burst forth from her back and she is pulled away. It was interesting to see this scene in manga form, and although the anime did a good job, this scene is more emotional in the manga. And then it kicks into the first chapter.

Syaoran returns to his home, and there's a knock at the door. It's Sakura! And in excitement, she just jumps in there and hugs him, and they fall on the ground. She asks how he is and such, and they talk, but what Sakura really came there for was to tell him something, but as she's about to say.....BANG! You hear the clashing of the bells from the castle, so she promises Syaoran she'll tell him next time they meet. But Syaoran knows what she's going to say...and tells himself he shouldn't be having these feelings because she's a princess and he's a commoner. Upon arriving home at the castle, Sakura's brother, King Touya, spots her, and after getting in an arguement about Syaoran (OH, how this looks familiar! He doesn't like Syaoran in this dimension, either!), the High Priest, Yukito, show up. Sakura learns that Syaoran will be more busy at the ruins, 'cause there's more to it than what's on the surface, and of course, Touya teases her about it, and she storms off. But he knows, whether he likes it or not, according to Yukito's visions, they are destined for each other, but the two have hardship ahead of them. And what will bring upon that the strange power the princess has, a power which is so great, it can change the world. The next day, Sakura goes to the ruins with lunch she made so she can finally tell Syaoran her true feelings. But, upon seeing the strange symbol on the floor of the ruins, she is drawn to it, and it opens and takes her in. if she is becoming apart of the symbol, stretches forth wings and is about to be sucked into the wall! But Syaoran saves her in the nick of time! But she isn't alright...her wings break off, and fly away, and those wings....are her heart, her memories, and she will die if they aren't returned. So, Yukito sends him to Yuuko, the space-time witch (yes, from xxxHOLiC!), and two others appear, Fai and Kurogane, and each have a wish to travel dimension, but in order for the wish to be granted, as usual, Yuuko demands a price. And since it's a big wish, in order for her to grant it, all of them must surrender their greatest treasure to afford it. Kurogane's sword, Fai's tattoo on his back, and....Syaoran and Sakura's bond.

Though I do like the anime better, I really did love this first volume. The art is beautiful, and there was actually more comic relief in the manga than in the anime. Also, it seems more emotional at times. And the plus of watching the anime first is I was able to imagine their voices as I read. Plus the manga explained more things, like what the Hanshin Republic is (it's on an island, and named after a Japanese baseball team). So if you've watched the anime and wondering whether to read the manga or not, trust me, go read the manga. It IS worth your time. You will not be disappointment, it's one of the best mangas I ever read, and among my favorite series to follow. And even if you haven't seen the anime, probably best if you read this first and make comparison. Plus, if you're a fan of CLAMP, you'll be treated to see alternates of many characters from their previous works, and stars alternates of Syaoran and Sakura, who originally was from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Yes. This is a beautiful, epic story of love and sacrifice, and not at all cheesy. Can be enjoyed by guys and girls, 'cause though it has romance, this story is more than just that. There's a deeper plot to it! And action, too!


There's some "d" and "h" nothing really harsh. Also 1 use of each "b" word.

None that I can remember, I don't think this volume had any of that.

Clear of this. You do see Sakura on top of Syaoran when she jumped on him in excitement, but this didn't look bad at all, it was merely a jump of excitement and they crash to the floor. Sorata constantly praise Arashi (loves her a little too much?), and says to Kurogane if he kays a finger on her, he'll die horribly, and Kurogane screms "I WOULDN'T TOUCH HER!". Very clean, everything I mentioned above is mainly for comical purposes and not to be sexual.

In the Japan Kurogane comes from, you see him atop a building with dead assassins around him, and there's blood. In Clow Country, when Sakura strange power was about to be "awakened" a strange army appears, and there's some blood in those battle scenes. But nothing graphic.

Sakura is a possessor of a mysterious powers, and before it can be fully awakened, in the act of Syaoran saving her, the wings of light on her back shatter into feathers. Those wings were the manifestation of her heart, but can easily be viewed as memories since each feather contains a separate memory. Fai D. Flowright is a wizard from Celes, and the girl he had with him, Chii, he created with his own magic, and he uses magic to transcend dimensions. Kurogane is banished by Princess Tomoyo, using her magic to send him away. And Yukito is the High Priest in Clow Country, and uses magic to send Syaoran and Sakura. Yuuko is the space-time witch, and can grant any wish, for a price. Mokona is the magical creature that transcends them through the dimension. In this world, everyone has a guardian spirit known as a kudan. Arashi, Sorata's wife, used to be a shinto shrine priestess and still has some of her spiritual powers.

Chaptire 1 "The World Of Beginnings"
Chaptire 2 "The Price Of Memory"
Chaptire 3 "The Wings Of Hitsuzen"
Chaptire 4 "The Strength to Fight"
Chaptire 5 "The Instant of Awakening"